Moove ($MOOVE) is an ESDT(eStandard Digital Token) governance and utility token used within the Cow Cow ecosystem and further to be used in Moove Protocol initiatives. The purpose is to empower the community to develop innovative and creative solutions in the field of web3.

As the protocol layer of the ecosystem, MOOVE token has multiple utilities:

  • Ecosystem Token: $MOOVE will serve as the primary currency for the Cow Cow ecosystem, enhancing its utility and value. Through the token, Cow Cow holders will gain access to various extra benefits such as merchandise, raffles, exclusive games, events and other services.

  • Governance: $MOOVE is the ecosystem’s governance token, allowing holders to participate in Cow Cow DAO. The structure and mechanics of the organization are built around the NFT and the TOKEN.

  • Digital currency: $MOOVE is an open currency that can be used without centralized intermediaries within the ecosystem. It also represents a tool for Cow Cow to incentivize early supporters and builders interested to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating MOOVE into their platforms (games, services, marketplaces and other projects).

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