Moove Protocol Fundamentals

Charting a new era of decentralization

MOOVE is an ESDT governance and utility token built to power the entire Cow Cow ecosystem. MOOVE is designed to be a sustainable, long-term, next-generation utility token, and it starts with a supply of zero and a maximum supply of 23,000,000. Moove Protocol can be considered a social initiative aimed at fostering a community of builders, creators, and visionaries to develop the next-generation cryptocurrency. The movement aims to provide a new standard for community-oriented tokens.

MOOVE is launched to incentivize early support of Cow Cow and is the go-token for the entire Cow Cow ecosystem and future developments. In addition to Cow Cow, the ambitions include utilities around the incubator and other technical products.

MOOVE does not present itself as an investment opportunity and does not hold substantial economic value.

1. Mechanics

2. Utility

3. Where to buy $MOOVE

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